The Update

TWO YEARS! It’s hard to believe it was about two years ago that I finished all the writing and design of the Masses and Tears project. I have distributed over two thousand pieces of material in that time and donations have allowed me to print more in order to cover future requests. It is so wonderful to hear, on occasion, that this devotion in bringing comfort or encouragement to parents and others who are praying for loved ones to return to the Catholic Church. I continue to hope and pray that the example of Saint Monica, and her relationship with our Heavenly Father, will continue to strengthen parents everywhere as they carry the cross of a child who has left the Catholic Faith.

Thank you! A word of thanks to all those who have expressed interest in this devotion and especially to those who have helped to spread the message of this devotion in their diocese, parish, or organization! Again, I really hope that Saint Monica will continue to help parents in need and I really believe she is doing that with the assistance of all of you! Thank you for your help and God bless you for your generosity!

501 (c)(3) Status Through the generosity of a Catholic accountant and lawyer in the area of my last parish, I am currently drawing up the paperwork to make this little devotional project into a not-for-profit corporation. This would allow donations to the Masses and Tears project to be used as a personal tax write-off for those making the donations. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

Black and Gold With gratitude to artist Sondra Jonson, I am able to introduce what I call a “black and white version” of the image of Saint Monica. From the inception of this devotion, I really had a desire to show the image in this way, and Sondra has helped to make this desire a reality. The image is all in pencil except the tabernacle and rays that are painted gold. This is an emphasis on the power and working of God’s abundant grace upon those who pray and sacrifice for loved ones who have left the Catholic Faith – which is the central theme of this devotion. I hope you find it as beautiful as the initial image. Both images are available on all our materials.

Image BW        Image